Baldwinsville High School Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship

Baldwinsville High School Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship was established by the late Joel M. Canino `59 and classmate George F. Dennison and is awarded to entering freshman from C.W. Baker High School, Baldwinsville, New York. An award of $12,500 per year will be given to two (2) students who will enroll in SUNY Canton two-year Air Conditioning Engineering Technology curriculum. Should there be only one eligible student, the committee may then award the second scholarship to a student who will enroll in any curriculum at SUNY Canton. The award amount for this scholarship will be $5,000 per year. The committee should consider academic excellence and need when making their decision. Should there be no eligible student from Baldwinsville, the SUNY Canton Scholarship Committee will consider recommendations from the dean of the Canino School of Engineering Technology, and may then award a scholarship (with the concurrence of Mr. Canino and Mr. Dennison) to one or two students enrolled in the CSOET who have demonstrated hard work and academic excellence. The scholarship awards may be any amount, not exceeding $10,000 per year total. Students may retain their scholarship.

Mrs. Carol Canino
Mr. Joel W. Canino
Mr. Fred Dennison